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Our Honest Review of
Amazing Selling Machine

I have a couple things I want to tell you about the Amazing Selling Machine before you purchase it.

1) It isn't a question of whather of not it works, the proof is, it DOES! 2) The question is, is this right for YOU?

So to figure that out, let me tell you what "I" found to be true about the course module by module.

Week One.
I wish week 1 would have had a little more in it, or just combine week 1 and 2. But this was a great time to introduce ourselves to each other in their tight community. This was actually probably a good thing cause it made everyone closer and willing to help out when I needed a tip or a "like" or product feedback, I am just saying what my experience was on week 1 and I WANTED MY STUFF!! lol Week Two - Eight
WOW, by about module 3 and 4 my hat was blown off and then module 5 and 6 kicked into high gear while 7 and 8 were completetly over the top!

Each module is full of short, easy to digest, videos that walk you through the entire process. And then each video has a PDF outline (cheat sheet) of what the video was about, making your note taking obsolete, unless you write things down just to get them registered in your brain like I do!

The other great thing I like about the individual videos is that if you didn't understand something that was being taught, you could comment right below the video and either Jason, Matt, or staff... or even another ASMer will come help and answer the question.

On Top of the weekly modules and ongoing community (oh yeah, did I mention the forums and private facebook group you get to be a part of?) Jason and Matt also have a weekly call about that weeks module where you can ask more in depth questions and listen to what other people have to say about that week.

My favorite calls however is when they would bring on people that were becoming successful. THAT always inspired me to keep going whenever i thought success on amazon was going to elude me. And this was happening A LOT!

And I can say, without a doubt, the system works. In fact, the first go around, I listen to the modules but I didn't take action cause you know, I was just too busy. But then the guys I sold the product too, took my seo tools I gave them, started ranking their product pages... and BAM, they started making money! And a lot of it!

So I thought, "Ok, I really need to do this". And that is what I did in ASM2 and am proud to say I am number 1 for the keyword "gourmet olive oil" in amazon and also rank that amazon product page in Google for that same term.

Not too shabby for someone that is already running a multi million dollar company and didn't have a second to spare. But guess what, I have been on the interenet for 14 years now and I have never seen so many sucess stories and to THE DEGREE in money people are making EVER.

Let me say that again.. this is the first time in my 14 year career that I have seen newbies launch a product and within 6 months be at $50k a month. Now that isn't everyone, many of the people that I brought on board last time are still in the $1-10k range, but they are leveling up all the time.... (meaning, they are breaking new ground and getting higher level badges even as I type this!)

So, THAT is why I decided do jump in myself and we are now moving deeper into Olive Oil and working on additional products.

I really can't say enough about the course, Jason Katzenback, Matt Clark, and the system.

Now comes the question: Is it right for YOU?

Only you can decide that. And it shouldn't be about not having the money cause like me and not having enough time, you find what you need, I found the time, and you can find the money.

But, are you self motivated? Will you actually do the work that is needed to become successfull. This is NOT a get rich quick sheme so you absolutely need to be prepared to do some work! This is a real business, and real buseinesses take work... plain and simple.

And, can you stand to work at home or get yourself a small office. I know a lot of people need that social interaction they get by "going to the office." And you do and can get a LOT of social interaction in the ASM forums, facebook group AND the live event... but still, it isn't the same as seeing co-workers day to day. So, can you work at home and enjoy it?

If you answered YES to those last two questions then I would jump in with both feet as quick as you can. We are still in the early adopter phase but that will only last for so long and once the rest of the world gets on board, you already want to be sleeping in the captains chair!

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